Friday, June 8, 2012

Love Notes: Bridesmaid Gifts

{small ways to show great love}

This section typically centers around you and your hunky husband to be, but today I thought I'd change it up a little.  After your bridegroom, your wedding party are some of the most important people for your day, so why not thank your best girlfriends for who they are and for sharing in your nuptials?  There's always the standard route of bridesmaid gifts like key chains or charm bracelets, but I think a more personal, individualized present or a shared experience you can all enjoy is much more memorable.  It doesn't take much extra effort to show your gratitude, but it definitely goes a long way.  Check out these ways to show 'em some love:

  • As the bride, there are probably quite a few parties lined up to celebrate y-o-u.  Before things get too crazy around the big day, return the favor!  If you like to cook or bake, have your bridesmaids over for a cocktail party and whip up something special.  Dress up, make a pretty tablescape, and be sure to toast them!
  • Everyone loves looking at photos, and in my opinion, things like Facebook and Flickr are awesome, but they've kind of killed the printed photograph.  Most, if not all, of the girls in your wedding have probably been in your life for a number of years-- celebrate your friendship and sisterhood with each by gifting her with an album or collage.  Sites like Snapfish offer tons of photo gifts, but you can go the DIY route, too.
  • I'm crazy about monograms.  Completely crazy.  Admittedly, my tastes run on the preppy side, but monogrammed stuff comes in way more styles and forms than just tennis racket covers or whatever.  You can find personalized prezzies (with whole names, not just initials, too) in practically any imaginable form, at any price point.  Look!

1. Enamel Earrings (you can choose from tons of color combos!), Swell Caroline  2. Bicycle Note Sheets, Sweet Tea Paperie  3. Acrylic Tray, Design Darling  4. Burlap Pillow, Etsy

  • As much as I love to shop, I am actually embarrasingly cheap.  I scour Google 30 minutes at a time for coupon codes whenever I buy something online, order sparkling water when I go to bars (it's free!), and reuse drinking straws for a few days at a time (gross, I know).  That's probably bordering on tacky, but regardless, one thing I'm almost always willing to shell out for is fun, quality time- an experience over a material thing, you know?  I figure things like vacations, concerts, and dinners out with friends are a lot longer-lasting, memory-wise, than whatever sundress or bottle of nail polish I'm currently after.  So, if logistics and money aren't too much of a problem, treat everyone to a great time out, depending on what all of you like- think dance lesson, movie in the park, or close-by overnight getaway.  Living Social and Groupon offer discounts on incredibly original opportunities- check them out!
  • Speaking of cheap, my last suggestion is completely free- you can add it on to any of these.  Prayer is such a beautiful thing to give someone- you can create a spiritual bouqet for each of your maids, or even enroll them in the intentions of a meaningful religious order.  In the inimitable words of my friend Sara, Giiiffftt!

Do you have bridesmaids gifts picked out?  How are you showing the girls your appreciation?

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