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D I Y: Herb Boutonnieres

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No joke, girls: wedding flowers are expensive.  I mean, far be it from me to construct the perfect hand-tossed arrangement or whatever, so I guess it's worth it.  Still, it's nice to consider what you can do yourself, and it doesn't have to be complicated.

Maybe they're right about necessity being the mother of invention...or maybe for me, desparation is the mother of invention.  Three weeks before my wedding, the flower contract fell through.  Cue panic and wild ideas for flower substitutes (pinwheels were on the table at one point, which actually might not have been too bad).  Amazingly, my mom and I were able to snag a great deal from Safeway.  I totally recommend this, by the way- run away from fancy floral shops and just go by way of your grocery store!  But, since time was so tight and since all the flora needed to travel an hour and a half to the chapel, in the middle of July, we decided to see what we could make on our own and came up with these easy boutounieres.  They are so simple and couldn't be more affordable.

To make one boutouniere, you'll need: 2-3 sprigs of any herb (I'd go with a sturdier one, like rosemary- the more delicate ones wilt faster and crush more easily), a 1-foot length of ribbon or strip of fabric, about 6 inches of thin floral wire, craft glue, and one corsage pin.

Start by trimming off the tops of your herbs so they end up measuring about 2-3 inches.  Don't throw away the extra, of course- find a killer recipe to use them in!

Pinch the stems of each sprig together at the bottom, kind of like you're holding a hand of cards.  Begin wrapping the wire around it, starting at about 1/4 inch from the bottom, covering and securing the end of the wire as you go.  Wrap about one quarter of the way up (keep the wired section small- you just want to secure the stems together, not cover them in wire wraps), then trim it and secure it by tucking in the wire end.

Center the herb bundle vertically across your ribbon or fabric.  Tie the ribbon however you like- a simple knot is fine, or get a little fancier with a bow, if you want.

That's it!  When you're pinning these babies on the groomsmen, be sure to stick the pin through the ribbon to give it something to hold onto.

I kind of doubt any man would object to wearing something leafy and masculine-smelling instead of a flower.

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