Friday, May 4, 2012

Inspired: Anthropologie Style

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If you've never had a chance to go to Anthropologie, picture the quirkiest, most glamourous flea market ever- a store full of sweet vintage-y clothes, delicious perfumes and candles, and mix and match home decor, all surrounded by enough books, knickknacks, and detailed little displays to make you want to move in.  Plus, the window displays always include lots of homemade-style touches turned into artwork, like paper chains, lanterns, and wire sculptures.

If you have been to this fabulous store, you know that everything costs an arm and a leg.  Luckily, Anthro style is easy to imitate and would be right at home at a vintage or rustic-style wedding.  If you're a bride who loves whimsical, girly touches, here is your idea file.  It would be easy to scrounge yard sales and thrift shops for unmatched dishes in antique-looking patterns (use them to make tea cup candles or cake stands for centerpieces) and for old jewelry that you can fashion into a trendy, gorgeous brooch bouquet- if you have any, you can add your family members' pieces to your bouquet, too!  Forego more conventional bridesmaids dresses in favor of cute patterned frocks, and be sure to add in at least one or two bold touches, like an embellished veil, statement necklace, or pompom-festooned reception display.   Lace, pretty upcycled items, and big, simple decorations...your picks belong in a window.  Find your inspiration here:

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1. Etsy  2. Modcloth  3. Martha Stewart  4. Nordstrom  5. Swell Caroline  6. Etsy  7. Pinterest

How would you add vintage flair to your day?

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