Monday, May 21, 2012

Guest Post from Andrew! NFP, Part 2

Note from Stephanie:  Last week, my husband Andrew shared his musings on patience, awkwardness, true love, and yes, cervical mucus in a post about Natural Family Planning.  You totally wanted to read about that, I'm sure.  If you missed it, check it out here.  And now, without further ado, more ovulatory thoughts from the man himself.

I talked about a few of the benefits of NFP on last Monday.  Unfortunately, my creativity only goes so far, so I'll just tell you some more benefits of NFP, as experienced by me and my wife.

  • Communication—Almost all people who practice NFP mention how it helps communication.  Why'd I wait until now to mention it?  I'll leave you to muse that one over, since I'm not sure myself.  But I am sure that NFP helps communication.  When you’ve talked about mucus together, everything else is cake.  My number one suggestion to couples who are struggling to communicate is to talk about mucus together.  I haven’t come up with a number two suggestion, because my number one suggestion is so bad that no one comes back asking for any more advice.  But it really has improved our communication.  We discuss her charts, where she is at in her cycle, and even her mucus signs.  This is not a joke.  But I found it easier to talk about almost everything after discussing some incredibly personal details.  I've always been pretty daggone comfortable talking to Steph (as she happens to be my best friend), but NFP resulted in a really deep level of comfort (after the initial discomfort of texts describing her mucus.  Which she actually sent me.  While I was at work.  It was terribly hard not to laugh, since she is an even more clever texter than she is a clever blogger).  Also, we are discussing fertility, so usually the conversation has something to do with sex (few things are as seductive as the word "ovulation").  Because of the inherent link between NFP and sex, we've found ourselves more open when discussing love-making than we thought we would be.  NFP truly is a blessing for me and Steph in regard to our communication.
  • Health—I’ve learned so much about how a body should work, and ways that the Pill (or a number of other forms of contraception) can really screw that up. I've learned tons about my wife's body, and as someone who loves her very dearly, I want her to live healthily and happily.  Also, despite how weird it is to be quite familiar with mucus, I feel much more knowledgeable.  I don't always talk about mucus during dinner conversations, but it's good to know that I could.  
  •  Countless honeymoons—There is something ineffably special about the days leading up to love-making.  We felt it before our marriage, and we feel it renewed each month as we track her chart.  Some people say that NFP therefore takes the spontaneity out of sex (I actually worried about that before we got married).  We've found, though, that it builds a nice anticipation.  We don't predetermine the nights we will make love, but we know the days in which we can (since we talk about it fairly often), which allows for both anticipation and spontaneity.  
  We've both found NFP an incredible, if subtle, part of our marriage, which is the entire reason we decided to become NFP teachers (it's not the pay, seeing as we make a meager 0 dollars an hour, and few benefits not listed about).  We've seen the wonderful effects of NFP in our marriage, and I hope that you see some of its fruits in your own.



  1. Thank you for this male perspective! God bless your marriage.

  2. I am a HUGE NFP fan, and very excited to hear that you've become NFP teachers! That's so great! Can't wait to hear about Andrew's adventures talking about mucus in front of other people.

  3. Great post! So awesome that you two are becoming instructors. I definitely agree with those benefits.

  4. On behalf of my husband, thanks so much, ladies!



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