Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Economy of Salvation: Something Borrowed

{creative ways to save your pennies on the most expensive day of your life}

Not too long ago, I made an inspiration board to help you pick your Something Blue.  You didn't think I'd forget about Something Borrowed, did you?  This tradition is so great, not because it cuts you some costs (although that certainly helps), but because it's a great opportunity to look through the little treasures that are special to you, your your family, and your friends.  If you need some ideas to get you started, borrow (sorry) from one of these:

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  • Jewelry is a classic, pretty choice that gives you tons of options.  Maybe you've always adored your mom's pearls, your sister's Tiffany bracelet (lucky her), or your best friend's statement earrings, and what better day to break out the good stuff?  Think outside the (jewelry) box, too: pin one of your grandma's brooches onto your sash, switch a well-loved charm from a bracelet to a chain, or re-purpose clip-on earrings as shoe clips.
  • Borrowing can be sentimental, but it doesn't have to be.  It's so fun and girly to share makeup and beauty stuff when you're all getting ready together on your big day.  A swipe of lip gloss, a spritz of perfume, even a few bobby all counts!
  • Every girl needs a fantastic purse to top off her bridal look and carry around the essentials.  If someone you're close to has a great clutch in your wedding colors or in a nice, neutral metallic shade, ask her to borrow it!  Special and practical.
  • I saved my favorite idea for last!  In all likelihood, your family has at least one or two meaningful religious articles: your parents' wedding rosary, a crucifix or medal, or maybe even a relic.  How special is it to incorporate things like these into your day?  Picture a rosary wrapped around your bouquet, or keep smaller items around your neck or in your pocket.  I have a rosary blessed by Pope Benedict, a St. Benedict medal I got on a retreat so close to my heart, and a Miraculous Medal I received when I consecrated myself to Our Lady in college- I hope my collection grows over the years, and I can't wait to loan these special things to my daughter for her own wedding!
Now, tell me about you!  Do you have your special Somethings picked out yet?  What do you dream of borrowing?

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