Friday, April 27, 2012

Love Notes: Today, Tomorrow, The Day After Tomorrow...

{small ways to show great love}

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Two things about me: 1) Maybe this is weird, but I tend to think of my life in terms of how things have changed since exactly one year ago, exactly two years ago, and back and back.  In the past, these things have included where I lived, what I was working on, and who I had a crush on.  2)  For years, I've failed spectacularly at documenting all these milestones.  Despite my efforts, I have a whole collection of journals with something like the first ten pages filled in before I abandoned them.

So, imagine how thrilled I was to find this genius journaling idea!  This One Line a Day memory book is just what it sounds like- a journal with space for just one quick, one or two line entry each day.  It's not just a daily diary, though.  The best part is that each page has space for five entries, which you fill in over the course of five years.  That means by the time you're done, you'll have five snapshots of your life from any given day (think your next five birthdays, next five anniversaries, next five Christmases...), all in one place!  Such a great way to look at how time has passed and what's changed in your life.

Do you see where I'm going with this?  I love the idea of starting a book like this during your engagement (you can each keep the book for a week at a time, maybe) and filling it in all the way through your fifth anniversary.  I'm not even getting paid or anything to love the idea; I just really, really do!  Can you even picture what will have taken place in your life by then?  I bet there will be a baby, your first house, and tons of memories from everyday adventures, prayers, and celebrations.  I think it's such a gift to your present and future selves, and even to your future kids, to document the start of your marriage in such a special and consistent way.  You can copy the One Line a Day idea yourself in a pretty, blank notebook, or snag the actual book here.  And now, if you'll allow me to be kind of cheesy for a minute, I'll say this:  your love story's already been written on your hearts for all eternity, so you might as well write it on paper, too.  You'll be so thankful.

Do you keep a written record of your relationship?  How do you remember the big and the little milestones?

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