Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Spirit Rejoices: Litany of the Saints and Hey Mama

{sweet sounds for your Mass and reception}

I guess I was never really a girl who dreamed about my wedding dress from the time I was five.  I always wanted to get married, and I longed to meet my future husband, of course; for a while I even had a list of qualities I hoped he'd have (Andrew isn't the master chef I wished for, but I still made out pretty darn well).  I didn't think much about what my actual wedding would be like, though.  Except for one thing: in high school, I heard in a homily about a wedding Mass in which the couple had a Litany of the Saints sung as the altar was being prepared for the Eucharist.  I decided on the spot that I wanted the same thing.  Think about it- your nearest and dearest are coming to your wedding to watch you two honor the Lord in the sacrament of marriage, and to offer you their prayers and well-wishes.  Since you already have your guests interceding for you, why not call upon all of Heaven while you're at it?  The Offertory seems to me an especially significant part of the Mass to invoke the prayers of the saints, since it takes place right after the Rite of Marriage in your first moments as husband and wife.

Here are two gorgeous versions of the Litany- a totally stunning Latin rendition with a full choir, and a quieter, newer, and equally beautiful one from Matt Maher:

As for this post's reception selection, I was thinking for a while about reception entrances.  I've been to weddings where each member of the wedding party has their own song to walk in to, which is cool, but sometimes it's seemed kind of hectic what with all the frequent music changes.  Personally, I prefer just an upbeat, danceable tune for everyone's entrance.   Maybe you've heard a few of Mat Kearney's songs on the radio.  This guy is so great.  His songs have both a romantic and a spiritual hunger, which is a quality I absolutely love.  As if that's not enough, he met his wife when he was shopping at the Anthropologie store she worked at.  He pretended to need her help because he thought she was cute, and, long story short, now they're married.  It doesn't get much more adorable.  Anyway, this song, Hey Mama, is about their first meeting and their romance, and it has a perfectly joyful, gloriously-in-love sound that's as catchy as all get out.  I feel like it deserves a spot at your wedding for this line alone:

Hey lover,
don't want no other finger
for my ring 

Oh my goodness.  Listen to the song here, and feel the love:

What saints have you had a special devotion to during your engagement?  And, what's your take on reception entrances?

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  1. As a Pastoral Minister that is involved with helping couples prepare for marriage, I can't express enough how wonderful it is to have a blog like this that I can share with our brides! Thank you for doing this Stephanie.... It's amazing. I'm going to put a link to your page on our parish website under "marriage preparation" links. This is awesome!

    be at peace



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