Friday, March 2, 2012

Inspired: Spring Forward

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I seriously doubt I'm the only one ready for Winter to be over.  Right now feels like that in-between period where you're so ready to move on to the next season and experience all the fun stuff it holds (I, for instance, am pretty over wearing tights for now and am dying to ride my bike).  For a late Winter wedding, it's so easy to bring in touches of Spring without making them seem out of place.  My suggestion?  Make a deep, muted color like silver or charcoal your main wedding color, then choose one pastel to complement it- shades of gray make brights look super elegant.  Your footwear, bouquets (check out the feathers in the purple one!), and cake are the perfect spots for color.  An easy, affordable way to ground your reception decor in gray is with chalkboards!  You can transform practically anything with a few coats of chalkboard paint, so set one up for a menu, table assignments, or signs and go to town.

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1. JS Boutique Draped Jersey Gown, $138, Nordstrom  2. Pocketful of Dreams  3. Remmedy Pumps, $90, Steve Madden  4. A Paper Proposal  5. Shoe Clips by BusyBee Flowers, $10(!),  6. The Knot  7 & 8. Jet Fete by Bridal Bar  9. Yellow and Gray Curvy Clutch by FrankieLloyd, $26,  10. Shining Night Stationary,
Next up: A dozen roses, a very important lighthouse, and a wedding day miracle.  Meet Breanna and Dave!

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