Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Economy of Salvation: Paper Trail

{creative ways to save your pennies on the most expensive day of your life}

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Ribbons, monograms, embossing...there are so many gorgeous options out there for your invitations, programs, and signage.  Unfortunately, all of these choices come with an insane price tag.  Whether you've already experienced stationary shock or it's still months away, know that there are ways to snag pretty paper goods for way less.  

  • Office supply stores have dozens of  invitation papers- nice, heavy cardstocks in white and ivory, with embossed borders.  If you want something a little more dynamic than your typical black script, try playing around with different fonts.  Plain paper definitely doesn't have to equal plain invites.  You can download free fonts in every style imaginable at  Add some zing with colored envelopes.
  • Forego the invitation papers altogether and do it all yourself.  Microsoft Publisher and Adobe InDesign are desktop publishing programs that help you create every stationary-related item you can think of, from invitations to response cards and tri-fold booklets for programs.  When I could neither find nor afford exactly what I had in mind, I used Publisher to make my wedding stationary, which is in the picture at the top of this post.  I downloaded a pattern I loved to make the pink background, then slapped a text box with a border on top, where I could type in all the details.  I grouped the background and text box together to make a template for everything, and bam.  Coordinated invites, programs, and reception signs without having to start from scratch each time.  Such a stress saver.
  • If you're not feeling the creative juices, look into websites that offer print-it-yourself designs.  Typically, you pay a flat rate to download their documents and are then free to print as many as you need, which, if you ask me, is a pretty sweet deal.  My favorite source is Printable Press, which has a bevy of gorgeous invitation suites, complete with Thank You cards.  Check out these beauties:

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Metropolitan: Traditional and original

Printable press, all lit up stationary, evening wedding invitation, how to save on your wedding statonary, Catholic wedding planning, Catholic wedding blog, Catholic brides
All Lit Up- How magical do these look??
Printable press, ribbon twist stationary, pink wedding invitations, red wedding invitations, how to save on your wedding statonary, save on your wedding invitations, Catholic wedding planning, Catholic wedding blog, Catholic brides
Ribbon Twist- I love how girly and preppy these are without looking gaudy.

What path are you taking for all your paper?

Next up: Remember your guests, well, memorably.



  1. Hey Steph! I love your blog and now I feel like it's okay to comment on it ;-) Your humor and joy really shine through every bit of your writing.

    Anyway, where/how did you get your invitations printed? I like the idea of self-designing with Microsoft, but I seriously doubt my home printer can handle 200 invitations.

    1. Thanks so much Siobhan, and, of course, congratulations!! So happy for you two. I actually had some help from my dad's office printer. If you don't want to use your own, you can shop around for the best prices at Office Depot, FedEx/Kinko's, Staples, and other stores with a print department. Or, ask around- if you know someone with a nice printer, offer to help pay for ink, which should be easier than going out and will still save you some money.



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