Friday, February 17, 2012

D I Y : Ribbon & Pearls

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Photos on left: Natalie Franke Photography

Honestly, what girl doesn't want to wear pearls, in some form, on her wedding day?  If you're not one of the lucky ones who can borrow a family set, or even if you are and just want to pile on the goodness, there are tons of ways to customize these classics.  I made the triple strand and striped ribbon necklaces above just by stringing up some pearls with circular toggle clasps on the ends that I could thread a ribbon through (learn how to secure the clasps with this tutorial).  The green necklace uses a different, but just as easy, technique of threading beads on opposite sides of a length of ribbon.  Here's how to make one:

DIY, pearls, ribbon, necklace, Catholic wedding

For one necklace, you'll need: 30 inches of ribbon (Pick what you want here, it's your wedding!  Think satiny white for you, velvet for a glitzy affair, or patterned for a more casual vibe), 10-20 pearl beads in a size similar to the width of your ribbon, beading or embroidery thread, a thin needle, and craft glue or clear nail polish.

Thread your needle and poke it into the ribbon about a third of the way from one end.  Knot the thread in place.

String one bead onto the needle.  You should be coming up through the ribbon from the side you knotted.  Fold the ribbon around the pearl, leaving a little space (this allows the ribbon to curve around the beads), and thread back through the ribbon.  Essentially, you're stitching on the pearls.

Add another pearl on what's now the opposite side, fold the ribbon around it, and stitch it on.

Continue threading each bead on alternating sides, folding the ribbon around it, and securing it with a stitch.  Don't worry if the pearls seem really loosely attached; just give the thread a tug and everything will cinch together.

When you reach the last bead, pull the whole strand nice and tight make a few stitches back and forth through the ribbon to secure them.

Then, double knot the end of the thread by tying it through one of your final stitches.

Trim the ends of the ribbon so they're nice and crisp, brush a little glue or clear nail polish on them to stop fraying, and there you have it!

You classy girl.  If you have extra materials, try making a bracelet using 4-8 pearls and about 18 inches of ribbon.

Next up: Stay beautiful.


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    1. Thanks! Sometimes I go back to these early posts and cringe a little at my photography skills...I guess I've improved slightly since then. Slightly =) I'm glad you like the project!



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